“Centric understands our need for reliable EDI outsourcing”  

Lifestyle brand Rituals has one great passion: to inspire and enable its customers across the globe to enjoy those small everyday moments, from relaxing in the bath to coming home to a lovely scented environment after a long day at work. When it comes to the electronic exchange of documents to make this all possible, this rapidly growing Dutch company has been using Centric’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution for some years now.

Rituals’ cosmetics and lifestyle products

Sold at its branded stores, resellers, online and shops inside large department stores, Rituals’ products help consumers “find happiness in the smallest of things.” To be able to do this smoothly, the Dutch company has been outsourcing its order, packing list and invoice processing to Centric for years.

Rituals is one the Netherlands’ fastest growing companies. Aside from a range of European countries, Rituals has meanwhile also started operating in the United States and the Middle East. The strong focus on international growth has led to a significant increase in the volumes of data the company needs to exchange, so they needed a partner that could provide all the technology and management services required for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), so that they could focus fully on their growing business.

Care-free order and invoice processing

Electronic Data Interchange is the electronic data exchange standard for industries such as retail, DIY, fashion, engineering and logistics in the Netherlands. EDI software lets companies send and receive documents such as orders, packing lists, confirmations and invoices electronically. This system automatically converts information into electronic documents that comply with the international EDI standards.

Centric ensures secure exchange of electronic data by Rituals with its partners through the ‘Managed EDI’ service, i.e. software as a service (SaaS) for care-free message processing. The EDI interfaces with Rituals’ customers and the use of an automated trading system saves the company both time and money. Aside from that, automated interfaces also prevent costly errors in the data exchange with trading partners.

A partnership spanning ten years

The partnership between Rituals and Centric meanwhile spans over ten years. Over this period, Rituals has seen its business grow into a global brand of lifestyle products for body and home. With new stores opening every week, Rituals has meanwhile notched up over 680 stores in 27 countries, which are part of the grand total of 2,645 sales outlets. Besides its proprietary stores, Rituals also sells its products through a wide range of other retailers.

Owing to the company’s persistently strong growth, their IT needs soon shifted from a simple EDI communication tool to outsourcing in the form of Managed EDI. Centric now takes care of all the technology for Rituals. Managed from a secure hosting environment, the tried-and-tested EDI platform offers a high level of availability. And should anything go wrong, the resulting disruption is resolved in no time.

With Rituals no longer having to worry about the technical side of things, they can now focus all their attention on their growth plans and that one overriding passion: to empower more and more consumers across the globe to enjoy those small everyday moments.