Centric Public Report 2020

Solution Engineering

The role of technology in society and business continues to grow. Business models are going digital and business processes are increasingly being made accessible to customers and supply chain partners. At the same time, there is a relentless flow of new technologies, including machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain and augmented reality.

A large part of the challenges that organisations face are addressed through standard solutions. However, flexibility in standard solutions is usually limited to deciding how to configure the available functionality: the rest is for the most part locked in. The implication is that the business process must adapt to the possibilities offered by the software. Centric Solution Engineering offers the flexibility to think outside the box with companies on devising a solution that is a perfect fit to the customer’s needs. We develop platform and custom solutions that help organisations with their digital transformation. Simply put, we are there for those business challenges that cannot be addressed with Centric’s standard solutions. Because we strive for tailor-made solutions to perfectly match the customer’s specific needs, we work side by side with customers to translate – through advice, proofs-of-concept and DevOps teams – business challenges into high-quality and sustainable IT solutions.

In 2020, we made the strategic decision to focus on our core activities at Solution Engineering. We also worked on the further professionalisation and simplification of the governance model and took steps to further increase the return on the commercial activities. All this led to an improvement in the financial result in the second half of 2020. We expect this trend to continue in 2021. In 2020, we also helped many organisations get the right IT solution for their business processes. For example, Solution Engineering took over the management of all Smurfit Kappa’s Microsoft custom developed applications. On behalf of FCI, we have started on the complete revamp of the factoring platform so that international factoring will run even more smoothly for the more than 400 affiliated banks.

‘Towards the market, we will position ourselves even more emphatically on the themes of digital transformation, DevOps, Security and Cloud'


In 2021 we will build on the foundation laid in 2020. We say goodbye to the last activities that do not belong to our core and streamline the other activities. This enables us to scale up faster in the future without loss of quality. Internal core themes for 2021 are the organization-wide implementation of DevOps, further standardizing processes and tools and deepening our collaboration with other Centric units. Towards the market, we will position ourselves even more emphatically on the themes of digital transformation, DevOps, Security and Cloud. In 2022 we will add the theme of data analytics to this.