Centric Public Report 2020

HR & Recruitment

The corona crisis has also placed enormous demands on the resilience of employees at Centric. To empower our people to perform at their best in these exceptional times, it is key that they can do their work unobstructed and find enjoyment and satisfaction in their work. We enable this through maintaining personal contact (online or through other means), paying even more attention to ensuring a good work-life balance, and offering extensive training options.

2020: the year of COVID-19 From the moment the virus emerged, Centric has been keeping a close eye on the situation surrounding COVID-19 and has been taking measures where necessary to keep the virus at bay and prevent it from spreading. In collaboration with the company doctors, we take our guidance from the Dutch public health authority RIVM and the municipal health service GGD. A COVID-19 crisis team has been set up for this purpose, comprising representatives from various central service units, i.e. HR, Marketing & Communications, Facility Services, Legal, Security and Business Operations. The team, which also includes two Managing Directors and the chair of the Works Council, is led by a steering group consisting of the members of the executive board, the Head of Human Resources and two crisis managers. Through regular internal newsletters and intranet updates, we keep employees informed about the situation around COVID-19, the measures we are taking, and the consequences of this for their work.

Smart Working The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we collaborate enormously. We now work together remotely from home where possible and consult each other online. This way of working also offers opportunities for the future, which we are investigating further in the Smart Working project.

'In the Smart Working project we give substance to the advantages of this for our way of working after corona'

Under current measures, working from home is the standard for now. For the future, the combination of working from home and working at the office offers many advantages and will have a positive effect on the quality of work (in terms of efficiency) as well as on employee well-being (less travel time, less distraction, etc.). In the Smart Working project, we are exploring these advantages and seeing how we can best implement this approach in our way of working once the pandemic has passed.

Recruitment In the world of Recruitment, too, data is crucial. At Centric we took major steps in 2020 towards implementing Performance-Based Recruitment. As a result, we are much better able to measure and improve the effectiveness of the chosen recruitment tools and strategy and, this way, make decisions that increase efficiency and shorten the lead time of recruitment and application processes. This also enables us to take steps to improve our candidate journey. The pandemic obviously had a major impact on recruitment activities in 2020: introductory meetings were no longer held in person but online, and many activities scheduled to take place on location (e.g. at educational institutions) could not go ahead due to the COVID-19 measures. Despite these limitations, the remote working technology available has helped us to bring in many new employees and give them a warm online welcome.

To attract new talent to the company, we launched a new recruitment site in 2019: careers.centric.eu. This new website has a clean, professional look and feel that represents Centric perfectly and gives candidates a good idea of the company and the career opportunities we offer.

Strategic HR planning In 2020, we took further steps towards strategic HR planning using a tool that lets us track both the current and future quality of our employees based on performance and potential. In the coming years, given the social and business trends like labour shortages and the adoption of new technologies, strategic workforce planning will become increasingly important. This also remains important inside the company, to retain talented employees, to enable them to perform at their best, and to ensure that the right people are in the right place.

As a company, we want to have the knowledge and skills required to be commercially successful and to ensure this, we need to enable employees to develop their talents and to grow. This contributes both to retaining the talent we have and to strengthening our position on the job market as an attractive employer.

Learning & Development In 2020, employees were able to make full use of the new Centric Academy learning platform, which we launched in December 2019. Thanks to the wide range of online training courses, microlearning and personal ‘continuous learning paths’, employees were able to develop further.

Fit for work It goes without saying that the health and well-being of our employees are paramount, which is why Centric provides a wide range of programmes aimed at keeping employees fit, healthy and happy at work, programmes like ‘Fit for the Job’, ‘de kracht van generaties’ (the power of generations) and ‘Grip op werkstress’ (Getting a grip on work-related stress). In response to the COVID-19 measures, these programmes have been adapted for online sessions.

In addition, there were extra webinars in the summer months aimed at dealing with the changed situation and adapting to the ‘new normal’. During these sessions, employees received information and tips on how to maintain a good work-life balance and how to deal with remote working, as well as on work stress and time management.

Management Development programme The international Management Development programme that started in 2019 ended earlier due to coronavirus. However, thanks to the online graduation ceremony in November 2020, the programme did end on a positive note.


In 2021, the focus of HR will be on further developing the Smart Working programme. With this programme, we are shaping our future way of working by combining the benefits of working from home with business meetings and personal meet-ups at the office.

Employee satisfaction Precisely because of the distance created by working from home, we are paying even more attention to our employees’ fitness, health and well-being. Accordingly, various workshops and other online events on the topics of physical & mental health, good workplace design and the importance of sufficient exercise are planned for 2021. To keep track of how our employees experience the work, we are also starting to measure employee satisfaction on an ongoing basis. This programme will be rolled out throughout Centric internationally.

e-HRM In addition, the further professionalisation of e-HRM development and optimisation of Motion is planned for 2021. With the Motion application, Centric employees can check their personal details, personnel file, sickness absence details, payslips, leave and HCM performance review cycle (and edit details where this is an option), as well as submit expense claims, all of this anytime, anywhere and on any device.

HR analytics We have more information than ever at our disposal; smart use of this data is important for gaining insight and guidance for decision-making. We use the data drawn from the e-HRM systems to make analyses that can be used to effectively guide the company in its decision-making.