Centric Public Report 2020

HR & Payroll

For HR & Payroll Solutions, 2020 was to be the year when the investment in the development of the eHRM solution Motion would finally start paying off. The investment was partly shifted from development to commerce. The sales team was expanded and marketing efforts were stepped up.

And then, in March 2020, COVID-19 raised its head. Although the pandemic barely had any impact on regular business, the effect on commercial processes was clearly noticeable. For example, a considerable number of planned local government projects were postponed and commercial agreements were cancelled en masse. We had to adjust our plans and our approach accordingly, and the situation returned to more or less normal after the summer. At the end of 2020, we once again saw new contracts climb into the double digit figures.

Centric HR & Payroll has the ambition to digitally support the entire HR domain with Motion. We have chosen an approach that differs from that of other market parties: while, like them, we want to offer the widest possible package, we also want to do so from the ‘best of breed’ perspective, that’s to say with the best solution for the specific purpose rather than offering everything via one generic tool. The starting point is our belief that we can, in collaboration with our partners, offer customers the best, most complete HR solution. Technology is therefore an important spearhead in the Motion strategy: all components are native cloud and have Always On availability on all devices, without requiring apps. The combination of this cloud-only strategy with optimum connectivity via APIs ensures an eHRM solution that can be integrated perfectly into the customer’s application landscape, regardless of which industry or sector they are active in.

With all of this in mind, in 2020 Centric launched its ‘eHRM ecosystem’ concept. In this ecosystem, a combination of parties offer state-of-the-art solutions in their own field that fully integrate into the core of our HR solution Motion. With this approach, we can offer our customers the most comprehensive application in the market, one which can also be used modularly, allowing our customers to keep the model aligned to their own growth. What’s more, with the flexible and modern connectivity options of Motion, customers can also house their own applications in the ecosystem.

Centric HR & Payroll Solutions not only positions itself as a software supplier: we are also active in a knowledge-intensive domain, one where laws and regulations play a decisive role. Moreover, the HR domain is constantly changing. While in recent years much attention has been paid to labour scarcity, currently the focus has been on the compelled transition to largely working from home. How do we achieve an optimum mix of working at the office and working from home?

'Centric HR & Payroll Solutions positions itself as more than just a software supplier'

Motion offers various solutions for this challenge, such as a re-boarding tool and an analysis tool that makes it possible to calculate the effect of decisions. We should also not underestimate the impact of security and privacy of personal data in the HR domain. Compliance requirements are constantly being made more stringent, and Centric HR & Payroll Solutions, together with other business units, offers suitable solutions to address this.

New customers Once again last year, many customers switched to the new eHRM solution Motion, including the municipalities of Aalten and Mook en Middelaar: ‘My colleagues and I are really very satisfied and happy with the new environment.’ Vorm Bouw also came on board: ‘We are extremely satisfied with how the transition was supervised and how the system functions.’


Centric HR & Payroll Solutions took major steps forward with Motion in 2020 too, laying the foundation for a fully integrated reporting tool, which will be available to all users in 2021. As a further implementation of our cloud strategy, we have also developed Motion Pay further into a ‘multi-tenant’ cloud solution, where more than one customer can use one instance of the software at the same time.

Our customers are increasingly faced with compliance issues relating to their HR processes, and Motion is now also responding to this. These efforts will continue in 2021, with the ultimate aim of maintaining our strong position in the public sector and expanding it further in the private market. This year will once again be dominated by efforts to achieve HR & Payroll’s growth ambitions.

Together with our partners, we are working to perfect our eHRM solution and evolve it into a complete HR ecosystem where our customers can fully digitise all their HR processes using best-of-breed solutions.